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RTW4Less protests break out all over Mich.

Teamsters from Joint Council 43 joined the Oakland Mall protest.

Today Michigan got a taste of what the civil war over next two years will look like if right-to-work-for-less becomes law. Protests broke out all over the state.

Union members and their families sang anti-right-to-work carols at shopping malls, held mock auctions of the middle class and rallied outside Republican lawmakers’ offices.

The protests were a run up to Tuesday’s Day of Action in Lansing, which is drawing interest from union supporters throughout the Midwest and beyond.

In Detroit, Brother Al Young from Joint Council 43 joined carolers at the Oakland Mall. They sang anti-right-to-work songs to shoppers who watched and applauded.

In Kalamazoo, protesters targeted a Republican lawmaker who voted for right-to-work. Michigan Live reported,

More than 60 protestors sang anti-right-to-work carols and delivered a bag of coal to Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker’s office on the South Kalamazoo Mall. Schuitmaker, R-Antwerp Township…

Protesting right-to-work today at the Oakland Mall.

One of the carols targeting Gov. Rick Snyder, sung to the tunes of Jingle Bells, had these lyrics:  

“Snyder yells, Snyder yells, Snyder yells, ‘no way.’ We will fight to keep things right. Right-to-work ‘no way!’” 

Protestors also carried signs that read “Right 2 Work Hurts Working Families,” “Snyder is Tearing Michigan Apart” and “Protect Working Families.”

In Macomb County, several dozen people came to a mock auction. A teacher auctioned off the middle class while Channel 7 ABC covered the event.

In Saginaw, union members held a flash mob and sang a Christmas song the food court at the Fashion Square Mall in Saginaw. We understand it was a hit, with shoppers taking video and cheering.

…and we’re not quite sure what this is about Joshua Pugh tweeted:

Crazy scene at Lk Lansing & Marsh – person laying in street, cars stopped in intersection, people directing traffic @LSJNews @wilxTV

These are the ones we know about. We’ll keep you posted as we learn details about the others.